Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mani: Owl nails

Nail this look at home with:
Base coats are a secret, sorry!
ChinaGlaze 'Lemon Fizz'
OPI 'Black Onyx'
DB 'French White'
BYS 'Light Purple'
Barry M 'Blue'
Green, fuchsia, tangerine are a secret, sorry!
Dotting tool - various sizes

1. Apply base coats, keeping ring finger as an accent nail. Let dry completely.
2. I have a set of dotting tools that come in various sizes, using the biggest dotting tool I dotted on the initial outline of the eyes in mint/teal.
3. While the eyes dry, use small dotting tool and ChinaGlaze 'Lemon Fizz' to draw on small beaks in the shape of an upside down triangle. 
4. Using the smallest dotting tool and misc colours  (I have used BYS 'Light Purple', Barry M 'Blue' and a few secret polishes) create the hearts. These can be quite fiddly and require patience. The best way to do these is by making one small dot for tip/bottom of your heart, then make a small dot above and to the right of it and also above and to the left. This will give you three small dots in the shape of an upside down triangle. To form the love heart, simply connect the dot at the tip diagonally to the dots above it. I hope that makes sense!
5. The eyes should be dry now, using a medium sized dotting tool and OPI 'Black Onyx' dot two black eyes on top of your mint/teal. Let dry completely.
6. Using a small dotting tool and DB 'French White', dot two small white spots on top your black dots to finish the detail on the eyes. 

Once you have your base coat applied and dry, you can actually do the above steps in whichever order you find easiest or however works best for you!

Let's go get nailed with an owl mani x