Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making love potions and having midnight dreams

It's official, I am a nail nerd. I recently spent a Saturday afternoon frankening nail polish. It was probably the best afternoon of my life. 

As a result, I have two new babies that have quickly become the loves of my life. 'Love Potions' and 'Midnight Dreams'.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I nearly peed my pants a little bit as I watched the first blobs of glitter float through the clear polish. Watching 'Love Potions' come to life re-defined what love is for me, luckily my boyfriend does not read this blog. 

Here are some pics of 'Love Potions', it's yet to be swatched - partly because I just like to look at it and partly because I've had to many mani's jump the line in front of it. Pics will go up once it's swatched

How can you nail this at home? Easy. Find an old clear polish, find a shiz load of glitter and combine!

'Midnight Dreams' was a little bit different. I started out with a clear coat and a buttload of glitter but then I decided I wanted it to have a tint. I'd been using all shades of blue/turquoise glitter so I ran with a blue tint. I grabbed a few of my blue polishes that I have and dropped them in. I used a splash of a Sally Hansen HD 'Electric Blue', OPI 'Russian Navy' and a Sportsgirl blue polish. 

The only part of this process that is not fun is mixing it all together. Luckily the clear polish I used had a few steel balls in the bottom, which help agitate the polish and mix it together. I have no better advice than to shake it like a polaroid picture. Be prepared to work the bingo wings. It ain't easy!

Midnight Dreams I have swatched and it was an absolute delight! It applied easily and I wore it on it's own without a base colour underneath. The best part was that I laced it with blue love hearts and I think my heart stopped when I saw one drop out onto my nail. 

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